Student Development

Middle and high school students need to engage in activities that generate high-quality learning. It is important to encourage students to follow their passions and connect them with the real world. My goal is to maximize your child’s potential for college admission by helping him or her to tell a unique story.


Skill development: Some students need to develop basic organization skills and study habits; others need tutoring in specific subject areas to accelerate learning.


Personal development:  Students are encouraged to challenge themselves intellectually by engaging in research, doing internships and enrolling in exciting summer programs that extend their interests and allow them to thrive as critical thinkers.


Leadership development:  The leadership project helps college-bound students to develop personal projects based on their interests. The connection with the real world teaches students how to channel their interests and aptitudes to accomplish a goal that will produce a specific measurable impact.

  • Subject Tutoring

    Tutors review the work done in the classroom and extend the student’s understanding using methods that match the student’s learning style.

  • Study Skills & Strategies

    Study skills and strategies teach students how to learn actively and become more effective engaged learners.


    Diagnostic and prescriptive tutoring with elite tutors who use the best in educational technology to prepare students for success.

Maximize your child’s potential.

Did you know…

The Carnegie Mellon Foundation and Stanford Research Institute interviewed Fortune 500 CEOs to determine a formula for success in the workplace.  The overwhelming conclusion was that 75% of long-term career success is determined by soft skills (organization, time management, critical thinking); only 25% of the success equation depends on technical skills.