10 Tips for Finding the Right Kindergarten

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10 Tips for Finding the Right Kindergarten

Once upon a time, but not so long ago, parents just enrolled their kids in the neighborhood public school, but today, there are many more choices. 

The question most parents ask is, “How do I choose a school?” Parents know this is an important decision and they need information to guide them thru the search process. 

Here are a few tips for choosing a Kindergarten:

  1. Kids mature on their own timetable.  Start with an honest assessment of your child.  Consider his or her personality, behavior and interaction with peers.  Look for an environment that will support your child’s growth.
  2. Visit several schools, including your neighborhood school.  This will help parents to see how school programs and philosophies differ.
  3. Observe the school’s atmosphere.  Is it relaxed, cheerful and productive?  Is student work displayed?
  4. Look at class size: ideal student: teacher ratio is 18:1. 
  5. How does the school involve parents? 
  6. What is the school’s philosophy?  Ask questions that address your concerns. 
  7. Observe classroom instruction sequentially: Spend a few minutes in K, 1, 2, and 3.
  8. Does the teacher individualize instruction?  (Meet with small groups of students for critical instruction like reading or math?)   Will your child’s natural curiosity be expanded?  Does the teacher value student input?
  9. Look at test scores in reading and math. 
  10. Friends and neighbors are not educational experts. If you need additional information about schools options or special programs offered in public school, parochial school, independent school or boarding school, see an educational consultant. 

Local options include: Boca Raton & Delray Beach neighborhood schools, magnet programs, independent schools, as well as parochial schools. There are also out of area options that include a variety of boarding schools that specialize in learning differences, gifted and talented, or performing arts.

If you would like to speak to an educational consultant, contact Barbara Leventhal.

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